Back in 2004, when close to 754,000 Arkansas voters approved a same-sex marriage ban, chances are they didn't have any idea we'd ever see a week like this one.

They were voting for the sanctity of marriage, looking to prevent what they had seen happen in Massachusetts six months earlier that year with the first legal gay marriage. But 10 years and 16 states later, same sex marriage is more commonplace.

It has made headlines consistently, and been a part of prime time network TV as well as afternoons on THV with the Ellen Show.

Add to that, families statewide who have gay relatives and the culture has changed. All of this is reflected in the ruling of Judge Piazza who sees it as an issue of guaranteed rights for same sex couples trumping a voter approved constitutional amendment.

Idaho and Pennsylvania are going through this right now too, and they are probably realizing like we are, that it's inevitable, we're headed to Washington.

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