HEBER SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) - As the warmer weather has been coming out, we've been updating you on which beaches are closed due to unsafe levels of E. Coli. The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) said even though they test for it, it can be good one day and bad the next.

ADH tests about 140 bodies of water in Arkansas for E. Coli and has three groups doing the testing—one of which is the US Army Corps of Engineers (ACE). The tests are done once a month, usually right before the big summer holidays when they get the largest amount of people.

The Scott family made their first trip to Greers Ferry Lake. Daughters Isabella and Alyssa are loving it, and father Doug says their water babies.

"If we let them stay in the water all day, they would," he confirmed.

With how much time they spend swimming, they've been told not to swallow the water whether they're at home or in the lake.

"I don't have a kit to test," Scott added. "I guess I have to trust them to do their job."

Also at Greers Ferry Lake, Jeff Price collected water samples and demonstrated to the camera how testing works.

"We extract 100 milliliters of water," Price began. The sample is sealed and then sent off to ADH for testing. "There's always E. Coli in water. There's a certain level that you have to stay under, and if it blows that level, we have to close the beach until we get three consecutive samples that are below the acceptable level."

As of right now, four Arkansas beaches are closed—Beaver Fork, Spring Lake, Bear Creek, and Camp Joshua.

While we're here, we'd like to remind you of one more thing: Anytime you're out on the lake, think about wearing a life jacket.

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