LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The typical neighborhood watch program is getting a high tech makeover.

After a string of break-ins, one neighborhood is using an app to stay informed of the crime happening in their neighborhood.

In the Longlea neighborhood, it didn't take long for word to spread about a string of break-ins.

Viki Keaton said she knows of at least four houses that got hit. "There was one home where they actually physically walked in to the home."

Keaton said she feels safe in her neighborhood, but also said they've been looking for a way to communicate with each other about what's been going on.

Neighborhood watch associations like Crime Watch were created so neighbors can look out for their other neighbors, but there's also something else on your smartphone that will do just that.

NextDoor is an app that lets people living in the same neighborhood post anything from crime to missing pets.

The Pleasant Valley Property Owners Association uses the app. About 550 people are using it-that's more than half the neighborhood.

"It serves its purposed when it comes down to alerting people that crimes have taken place."

Bill Maples said they used the app to track down someone who was stealing cellphones out of cars. They can also see what's going on in other neighborhoods and vice versa.

"If we have a rash of crimes that someone is breaking into cars we can post that and alert the neighborhoods around," said Maples.

Viki Keaton's neighborhood is on alert. She said people are putting up cameras and installing security systems, and now, downloading NextDoor.

The typical neighborhood watch program is getting a high tech makeover.

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