LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -There's finally a way to use your smart phone to avoid mosquitoes.

A new app called "Mosquito Repellent" emits a high frequency sound that mosquitoes hate. You can also track the amount of bugs in your area and view maps where they are the worst, with the app "M Tracker."

In Arkansas, biology professor Carl Stapleton said this is a moderate summer for mosquitoes. Day-biting species are just more prevalent than night-biting species right now, which makes it seem like there's more.

"Aedes Albopictus is a day biter and with that population they're extremely aggressive, that's when most of us are outside, so they think oh boy this is a really bad year," said Stapleton.

One reason for the increase in "day biters" is the amount of rain we've had so far this summer.

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