LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Take a look at the clothes you are wearing. Do you know who made the design come to life? In Arkansas, kids as young as five years old are putting pencil to paper with a dream of you wearing their sketches one day.

With each stitch, 15-year-old Abby Alba moves closer to fulfilling her dream.

"I was five years old when I began getting the interest in fashion," said Alba. She fell in love when her grandmother taught her how to sew. "Wow, I made this."

"The first time I really started sketching was kindergarten/first grade," said 13-year-old Audrey Funk. Now, Funk wants to bring what she draws on paper to life, which is why she enrolled in the Jamileh Kamran School of Fashion in Little Rock. "I cannot believe I actually did that, because just a few months ago I was just a girl with a dream to sew."

Students in this fashion school range in age from as young as 11 years old all the way up to 70. Funk and Alba are two of the youngest students, and they said their dream is to open up boutiques in Arkansas with their own designs.

"At this age, it is much easier for them to learn the mathematics part of it," said School of Fashion Owner Jamileh Kamran. "Plus, they have a dream. They are young."

Designer Jamileh Kamran opened her fashion school about seven years ago, but it was not until more recently that younger students started coming.

"9 out of 10 they have a goal," said Kamran. "Whether they want to hit the industry, or they want to open a boutique, or this is another source of income for them."

Alba is hitting the industry with "Sky Blue by Abby Alba." She is getting her designs out there and making some money.

"I made both of these and this little belt," said Alba.

For Funk and Alba, each stitch pieces together their dreams.

"When you design things, it is just knowing that there is nothing else like it," said Funk.

Alba graduated from the School of Fashion, and she now teaches fashion there. As for her clothing line, she sells her designs through word of mouth and with a Facebook page. Her concept is a one-stop-shop boutique where she customizes clothes to the client's personality.

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