AUSTRALIA(CBS/Network Ten) -- Now to some of the more unlikely victims of this week's heat in Australia. Baby flying foxes are literally falling from the sky as the newborns and their mothers, struggle to cope with the high temperatures. But volunteers are coming to their rescue.

Romeo, a 11-week-old orphan, has been given a second chance at life. His flying fox colony, including his mother, has been almost entirely wiped out - unable to bear this searing summer weather.Gerardine Hawkins says, "They were so dehydrated and heat stressed they just couldn't get back up."

Wildlife volunteers raced to revive as many as they could; 160 babies spared from a slow and painful death. All survivors have been taken to this makeshift animal hospital, operating well beyond its capacity.

Animal lover, Meg Churches, drove almost 400 kilometers to save a juvenile and a newborn cutie, called Faraday. She says, "She's the smallest one that we've had the youngest one that's come in and survived."

Today the pair was bundled up and taken to the vet for a check-up. Meg fears one 3-month-old that has heat stroke, is also suffering from a broken wing. An X-ray will tell badly injured she is.

But with this comes a warning. Don't tough a dehydrated bat you see. Some bats carry the deadly Lyssavirus that can be transmitted from their bites and scratches.

Only qualified care persons should handle the vulnerable species, all as precious as little Romeo.

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