LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - When it comes to decorating inside your home, you may enjoy grouping collectibles for a unique touch. This can work outdoors as well.

In this week's edition of Today's Home, Chris Olsen teaches us how to accessorize using plants.

Inside our homes, a lot of us have certain types of items that are related such as bookshelves or China Cabinets or anything like that. Why not do this outside?

Since I love Begonias and terra cotta clay pots, why not put the two together and display them?

When winter comes you can bring them inside. You can also start a collection with Bonsai trees, and that is exactly what I did in what I call my pool shack. I have at least six different types of Bonsais that are staged. Some are stacked higher some are down lower and I have this beautiful living arrangement in my pool shack. This can work inside or out but I have lots of air circulation here so it works.

So remember, accessorize outside with collections of living plants.

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