LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Thousands of dollars worth of sculptures that were stolen from Riverfront Park's sculpture garden have been recovered.

Park visitors discovered them Sunday morning, seemingly returned in a plastic bag. The three pieces stolen were made of bronze with copper detail and were worth close to $30,000.

While the city's Department of Parks and Recreation said a theft like this has not happened in years, this most recent incident has spurred the city to add surveillance cameras and cut down some vegetation.

"We only had one surveillance camera in the garden," said Truman Tolfree, director of Parks and Recreation. "Because of the incident we're adding more signs, we're adding additional lights and trimming the tress to clear the view in the park."

The city is tightening on security to make sure residents like Joy George feel safe.

"I mean this is sad, but it brings up some concerns," said George. "I have two young boys and we love the park so far. But sometimes if you know there is some crime happening in an area, it might change our view of how much time we spend here."

The city says improvements need to be done this week. "Because Labor Day is a holiday, obviously we're going to have increased visitors in the park."

The city has worked with a committee that throughout the years has donated more than $2 million worth of sculptures. There are more than 40 pieces spread around the garden.

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