ARKADELPHIA, Ark. (March 14, 2012) - Growing upwith themusic of The Beatles can make a music lover of most people. For the older sister offamed musician George Harrison,the importance and unifying appeal of music is even more apparent.

It's for that reason that Louise Harrisonhas launched 'Help Keep Music Alive', a charitable endeavor that links Liverpool Legends, one of the nation's top Beatles tribute bands, and herself as a direct biological link to the Beatles, with any high school, middle school or college interested in raising awareness and money to 'keep music alive' in their schools.

The show promises to be as entertaining as it is educational and magical while it takes audiences and student performers on an eventful journey throughout the musical history of the Beatles, from their humble beginnings at The Cavern Club in Liverpool, all the way through Abbey Road.

'Help Keep Music Alive' will stop in Arkadelphia on Thursday, March 15 for a performance at Ouachita Baptist University. You can purchase ticketsonline or by calling 870-245-5555.

They will then perform at Greenbrier High School in Greenbrier on Friday, March 16th at 7 p.m. For ticket information, call 501-679-4808.

Louise became confidante', caretaker, public relations specialist and even manager of sorts during the very beginning of the Beatles' growing popularity here in the United States during the 1960's.

After living stateside for one year before the Beatles and ensuing 'Beatlemania' arrived, she assisted their manager by advising him what televised shows would benefit the Beatles, what stations were a must for their music, and she corrected media communications on behalf of the Beatles, even launching her own radio segments.She watched her baby brother explode in popularity and celebrity, and she was his staunch supporter every step of the way.

Louise still maintains the devotion, commitment and loyalty to her brother George and all he stood for.Help Keep Music Alive is just one more way she carries the torch of her brother's passion for music, as she also keeps alive the unifying message the Beatles represented then, and still do today - a message of love, harmony and peace.

"The same force is driving me that drove the Beatles," says Harrison. "I was put into this form, in this lifetime and I have to do what I do to the best of my ability. Our job is to give back, my Mum taught us. That is why I give back. I consider it a great responsibility as George's sister."

Louise offers an astoundingly unique, once in a lifetime opportunity as Help Keep Music Alive brings Liverpool Legends to school and community stages to perform Beatles music along with the students in an unforgettably breathtaking live show.

Both schools and students benefit directly by raising money for the needs of their music, band, choir, even dance troupe departments to keep musical education alive and well in their schools and communities.

Louise explains why she tirelessly works towards musical education for our youth, "It's something that needs to be done. We have the ability and opportunity to do it, so why not?"

If you would like to book the Liverpool Legends to come to your school, call 417-893-0464.


Louise Harrison resides in Branson, Missouri where she created famed Beatles tribute band Liverpool Legends nearly six years ago, and oversees management and stage production. Liverpool Legends play regularly in Branson as well as touring both nationally and internationally.

(Source:Liverpool Legends press release)

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