LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Cooler weather is on the way and with that we need to make sure our lawn and landscaping are prepared to survive winter.

THV's lifestyle expert Chris Olsen stopped by "Today's THV This Morning" to share some tips to winterize your lawn and to pick the perfect flowers for winter.

Winterizing Your Lawn

Don't wait too late to winterize your turf for the upcoming winter season. Just about now winter weeds will start germinating. If you wait too late to apply your pre-emergent then these vigorous weeds will take root and create havoc in your lawn.

Most of us do not really understand how a pre-emergent works. When you spray or apply in granular form a pre-emergent, that product turns into a gas layer right above your dirt. When a weed seed germinates, the tender plant hits this gas layer and mutates and then dies. This is why it is so important to apply your lawn chemicals at the right time. Once a weed has germinated and starts growing and then you apply your pre-emergent, its to late. Of course, never fear, you can always apply a post-emergent that will kill existing winter weeds.
With chemical to use?? Just go to your local garden center and ask a garden expert. Make sure you come with important information such as what kind of turf you have and the square footage of your lawn area. Also, double check and read the directions on the bag to make sure it really is the product you need.

Cool Flowers for Cool Weather

I don't know about your yard but mine is looking rather tired. The summer season and the intense heat just added to the exhausting look of my annuals. The good news is that it is time to refresh your seasonal color with lots of winter colorful choices. It's not just about pansies any more. If you mix and match your selection with great and easy growers such as dianthus (great bright colors), the snapdragon, different kales such as the Peacock Kale, or perhaps the new Emperor Ornamental Cabbage series, you got one great new look. Herbs make for great winter color and text as well. Grow the big leaf Sage, lavender, Variegated Oregano, Silver and Lemon Thyme and the Curled Leaf Parsley.

Of course, pansies still are a must. Try the the new variety called Cool Waves. It is all the rage right now. Why?? Because it grows as a ground cover and blooms it's heart out all fall, winter and into early spring. Cool Waves come in so many colors but I prefer to mix the colors for mass impact. Whatever variety you decide to choose, remember to fertilize when you plant with Blood Meal and then apply a slow release fertilizer such as Shake and Feed by Miracle-Gro.

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