LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Fifteen-percent of pet owners spend more than $100 a month on their animals; it's a $55 billion a year industry! To help you out on this Consumer Tuesday, here are five ways to manage your pet's expenses.

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1. Feed your pet the right amount - Follow the recommendations for your dog. Also, stick to dry food rather than canned. Wet food is 70-percent water, so you're going to have to feed your pet considerably more.

2. Try 'DogVacay.com' - You can save up to 40-percent off the cost of a kennel using "dog-vacay dot com", a website that helps pair dog owners with sitters who operate out of their own homes. Or, try volunteering to watch your neighbors' pets when they go away in exchange for their doing the same for you.

3. Ask your vet about discounts - Talk to your vet about vaccines that are necessary for your *particular pet. Indoor cats, for example, may not need as many as those that live in and outdoors. Also, many vets and pet hospitals will offer discounts on certain procedures.

4. Take the first morning appointment - If your pet is scheduled for an in-office procedure, schedule it for first thing in the morning. This reduces the likelihood that your pet will have to spend the night, which saves on boarding expenses.

5. Prevent Unneeded Expenses - One preventive measure that's abandoned all too often - a leash. Up to 70-percent of emergency room visits could have been prevented if owners used leashes more often.

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