LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- While our dogs may try to tell us everything they're feeling - from whining when they're bored to barking when they're excited - cats are infamously more guarded with their emotions. Here are four ways to keep your cat happy. Get more from Pet 360.

1. Match yourself with the right cat - Spend some time getting to know the cat you're interested in before bringing them home. Going to a shelter can be overwhelming. You may have an initial attraction, but you want to have a long-lasting bond with your cat.

2. Understand their body language - Not every cat rushes to the door to greet you when you come home but a happy, friendly cat will make a little sound called a chirp when they're greet you. Playfulness is a happy behavior that will go away quickly if your cat is feeling stressed or unhappy.

3. Set up a routine - This predictability helps them to stay calm, happy and stress-free. Set aside time every day for some interactive play with your cat that engages their minds and encourages bonding. This helps cats de-stress and feel good.

4. Recognize calls for help - Cats are more difficult to read than dogs because if something's wrong, they tend to get quiet. If your cat used to be social but is now quiet, is sleeping significantly more than normal or isn't eating, these are all warning signs that your cat may be sick.

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