KALAMAZOO, MI (CNN/WWMT) -- Being stationed in Afghanistan didn't stop one soldier from seeing his son come into the world.

Specialist Brock Howland attended the birth via Skype. His wife, Mary, was at a birthing center in Kalamazoo, Michigan and he didn't leave her virtual side. He says, "Basically the whole time I could see Mary. I could see whomever was on the other side."

New mom Mary says, "We didn't realize how wonderful it was going to be, that it was going to be constant. Sometimes you don't get the best reception when he's in a third world country."

Tonya Street with the Borgess Medical Center says, "I was so impressed with her husband because did not literally leave her side. So encouraging to her. There wasn't a dry eye in the room when she delivered."

Mary says, "To have his support was the world. It felt like the other part of my heart was here."

Brock says, "It chokes me up. It really did. Especially when he first came out and I saw him on Mary's stomach, I lost it. I absolutely was in tears. I still get really sad and happy at the same time. Sad that I can't be there. But so fortunate and happy that I have such a beautiful son now."

Howland says he hopes to meet his son in person soon.

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