COLUMBIA, South Carolina (CNN/WIS) -- A pair of identical twins shared much more than just looks Tuesday. They had a big birthday celebration at Palmetto Health Baptist in South Carolina. It just wasn't their birthday. Zaakira Mitchell and Shaakira White both delivered babies on Tuesday. That's a rare thing in itself.

Twins Zaakira Mitchell and Shaakira White have shared just about everything with one another. So you might say it made cosmic sense that they both got pregnant just a few weeks apart. Zaakira says, "Everybody always asks, 'Did you all plan this? Did you all plan this?' No, it was not planned!"

With due dates about a month apart, the sisters experienced pregnancy together. They even had the same doctor. Dr. James Ferguson says, "I've never seen just twins being pregnant at the same time!"

Ferguson is still getting over the fact the sisters even shared their pregnancies. He says when they both showed up together and went into labor, he couldn't believe it. Ferguson says, "I kind of joked with Shaakira that she was trying to steal her sister's limelight for that day. I just thought, 'This is not really believable.'"

Shaakira says, "I called my mom and told her and she was just like, 'Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I knew it! I knew it!'"

Shaakira was supposed to deliver at 5:30, but Dr. Ferguson was wrapped up with another patient, who was taking a little longer.

Eventually, her older sister brought Kadin Mitchell into the world. An hour after that, Shaakira had London Boyd and, wait for it, her twin brother Landon. Shaakira says, "They're going to have fun growing up, just like we did."

With the three new additions, the sisters keep adding to their list of shared experiences. Now, these cousins will start a list of their own. Zaakira says, "I just can't wait to see what it's going to be like -- them growing up together and sharing this experience."

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