NASHVILLE, TN (CNN/WZTV) -- A report released this week shows 19 children in the U.S. so far this year have died as a result of being left in a hot car. But an 11-year-old boy in Nashville has come up with an invention that could prevent that from happening again.

Andrew Pelham says, "Hey, who doesn't want to make something that saves people from dying."

Call it a "calling" for this 11-year old Meigs Magnet School student. He's passionate about building, inventing and entering contests just for fun.

His latest device, the "E-Z Baby Saver", is the result of a challenge by the University of Akron, requiring kids invent something made primarily of rubber bands. Andrew's father Shuler says, "We wanted him to create a product that he could be proud of that we thought would be a difference-maker."

After about a week of brainstorming, the E-Z Baby Saver was an idea that stuck with him. he remembers hearing the story of Stephanie Gray, who last summer in Donelson, accidentally left her 10-month old baby in the back of the family's van. Joel Gray died that afternoon of heat stroke. Shuler says, "When a story like that comes up, it's something we talk about as a family."

Andrew is the oldest of four children, two still in car seats. The E-Z Baby Saver is something his family regularly uses to keep the same thing from happening to them.

One end of the rubber band device hooks on to the back of the driver's seat and the other end attaches to the driver's side door. Andrew says, "I can't get out without remembering, 'Oh my kid is in the car. I better check."

Andrew says he's always improving this prototype. He won a prize as runner-up in the nationwide contest. but he has a different way of gauging success. He says, "I just hope people can use my design in the real world, soon, because I just want to save one life, and then I can say my idea was successful."

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