SHANGHAI, China (CNN) -- A man who intended to rob a bank was subdued in Shanghai, China, on Thursday.

The man carried a kitchen knife and followed a female customer to a bank counter at about 12:40 in an outlet of the China Construction Bank in Hongkou District.

"The customers usually go and get a sequence number after entering the bank. But the man did not, and instead, he made a phone call all the way," said Liu Dequn, a security guard of the bank.

Upon hearing the man's clamor to rob the bank, the female customer immediately walked away. Meanwhile, a customer and the security guards in bank rushed over and subdued him.

"There were some customers, including elder people in the banking hall. Worried that he might hurt them, I took down the knife first," said Liu Honggen, the customer.

Police rushed to the site upon receiving a report and took the man to a police station. It is said the man might have mental illness and the police is examining his mental state.

The case is still under investigation.

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