UNDATED (CNN) -- The oldest living American just celebrated a milestone birthday this past week. She's 115!

Jeralean Talley is the oldest person living in America. And she's one of the last five known people in the world born in the 1800's. She lives with her daughter Thelma. Her mother was born may 23 1899. She said the secret to living to 115 is, "Up there. The Lord, the father above. He's got everything up there. I've got nothing. He's got it all. He's got mine. He's got yours. Everybody else's."

Jeralean is the matriarch of five living generations. Her husband lived to 95, passing away in 1988. She was born in Georgia during the presidency of William McKinley. She later moved to the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan where she's lived for almost 80 years and she says she has always lived life with this outlook, "Do onto others as you want others to do unto you!"

Church has always been part of Jeralean's life. At the New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church, the entrance road is named after her. Her pastor says religious leaders receive many honors. Pastor Dana Darby said, "But God has blessed one pastor to pastor the oldest person in the United States, and that's me, and I'm grateful for that!"

So in addition to crediting her faith for her longevity, she also says the outdoors keeps her inspired. She has also won athletic awards. She was an avid and skilled bowler until 104.

Jeralean has received recognition for her amazing long life from national leaders including President Obama for her last birthday, but this is a big one.

She is the oldest living American and the second oldest person in the world.

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