Imagine having no mom, no dad, or no real place to call home. That is the sad reality for hundreds of Arkansas children.

But each month, through our partnership with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, we feature these children and make their voices heard.

This month, we meet two brothers, Jaylen and O'Brian (photo gallery), who don't need much...just a home with a whole lot of love.

10-year old Jaylen was the first to spot Chuck E. Cheese at the North Little Rock location, and he could not contain his excitement.

It was so much joy for a boy start in life has been anything but. Jaylen and his 11-year old brother O'Brian have been in foster care, without a mom and a dad, for the past 7 years.

"I feel good coming here," says O'Brian.

It was a good day for two brothers who DHS pulled from their birth mother because of neglect. They spent years apart, but finally are in a foster home together. Adoption specialist LaTonya Millet says they are bonded in a way few can understand.

"I can tell you Jaylen loves his brother," says Millet. "Jaylen is very talkative and he pulls his brother out a lot of the time. O'Brian is more reserved, but you can tell they really love one another."

And that is why Millet says they need a forever home together, and these boys know what they want.

"A new fluffy dog, my own bed, and my own pet, and my own pictures," says Jaylen.

THV's Dawn Scott asks "do you want a mom and dad to take care of you?" "Yes ma'am, I want them to watch over me," says O'Brian.

This day, they settle for a few games and a few bites of cheese pizza, hoping and praying someone sees their story and brings them home.

"It bothers me and I think I wanna take em all home," says Millet. "But I know there are plenty of families out there that would love to have these children that can give them the love and stability they need."

Special thanks to Chuck E Cheese in North Little Rock for hosting the children.

Click on theArkansas Department of Human Services website if you'd like more information on Jaylen and O'Brian or any of the children up for adoption.

There are no fees to adopt a child in state care.

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