LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV 11 is partnered with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, profiling some of these children up for adoption.

This week, a young boy is in need of a place to call home.

The first thing we noticed when we met 10-year old Keith -- this kid is bright. Of course, he's a typical boy. He loves basketball, loves video games, and especially loves Chuck E. Cheese, where he was treated to tokens, tickets and treats.

But he's also a 4th grader who loves art and makes A's and B's, quite an accomplishment considering his troubled past.

He's shy, apparent when I begin to ask him questions.

"(Dawn) Well what does a home mean to you? What would that mean, to live in a home? (Keith shrugs) I don't know. (Dawn) Is it hard being up for adoption? (Keith nods) yea."

Keith has been a foster child for nearly 5 years, he came into the system because of abuse. It is something that affects him to this day.

DHS adoption specialist KaSheena Walls is working to find Keith a family.

"The family who adopts him would need to participate in therapy with him," says Walls. "And also make sure he continues to attend therapy and not stop."

It is easy to see Keith's energy. He's a fun and loving little boy, one whose request is simple.

"Actually spoke with him today and he said he only wanted a mommy," says Walls. "So it just depends on the person and if they're willing to be committed to him and his needs."

Simple needs - a loving home, one that lasts.

Keith's favorite pizza is pepperoni and the folks at Chuck E. Cheesemade sure he got a big helping! Special thanks to them for making his afternoon so special.

You can find more information on Keith or any of the state foster children up for adoption at the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website.

There are no costs associated with adoption a state foster child.

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