Snow and Ice

When snow and ice hits Winter Weather Advisories are issued when:
  • Snowfall of 3-6 inches is expected
  • Wind Chills of 0 Degrees or below is expected
  • Freezing Rain or Drizzle accumulations are expected on roads, trees and power lines

To be prepared for winter weather, familiarize yourself with these terms:

Winter Storm Watch
Severe winter weather conditions may affect our area, usually within the next 12-24 hours

Winter Storm Warning
Issued when a snowfall or at least 6 inches in 24 hours is expected

Blizzard Warning
Issued when considerable snow is accompanied by winds of at least 35 mph

  • Dressing in layers of clothing keeps you warmer than one heavy coat
  • Wear mittens - They offer better protection than gloves
  • Wear a Hat - Most body heat is lost from the head
  • Keep your feet dry - Wear waterproof boots with gripping soles
  • Check antifreeze in your car
  • Check your car battery, belts, hoses, lights and wipers
  • Keep a set of chains in your trunk
  • Keep your gas tank full and your mobile device charged