Same-sex couple gives Carrington loving forever family

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The heart of what THV11 works to do through our “A Place to Call Home” series is to help state foster children up for adoption find permanent placement.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The heart of what THV11 works to do through our “A Place to Call Home” series is to help state foster children up for adoption find permanent placement.

So far, THV11 has featured 199 children since we began the series. 113 of them have been adopted, including Carrington.

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He found his forever home, and he invited us over to meet them. It was 2013 when we first met Carrington at the state fair. He shared with us that he felt alone and told us exactly what he wanted.

"I want a nice family that takes care of me."

Now fast forward nearly 4 years, Carrington is 11 years old. He carries a photo of himself with THV11’s Dawn Scott on his phone from that day at the state fair.

"I didn't give up hope because I knew somebody was going to take me," said Carrington.

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And somebody did take him. Carrington said, "I feel like they are wonderful, they are wonderful people."

Vanessa and her wife Tracy, a same-sex couple, heard about Carrington through friends.

Tracy said, "once we heard about Carrington, it seemed liked he was the one meant for us, like it was meant to be." Vanessa added, “he's one of us, I don't know any other way to describe it."

Carrington showed THV11 around his room. “This is my taekwondo medal that I won at the tournament, so you could take us out, well I don't plan to, but you could, I could but I don't want to," Carrington said laughingly.

Nowadays, Carrington does taekwondo, plays soccer and loves to build legos, in his own room. He has two moms, 4 dogs, two cats and tells THV11 he couldn't dream of being anywhere else.

“People tell me, you and Vanessa are so great for what you did but really I'm so lucky and Vanessa's so lucky to have Carrington because he gives us more than we give him," said Tracy. "I've seen him really change and grow and thrive," said Vanessa.

Carrington's adoption was final in December 2015. He makes A’s and B’s in school now and loves to swim and play video games. But he still carries his past with him, a reminder of a foster care system that held him until he found his place to call home. Tracy said, "Carrington needs a family, we will be a family and we will not ever give up on him."

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"I just wanna say that I'm thankful for them to take me and I'm also thankful cuz they really love me very much," said Carrington.

There are still several kids who we have featured in our place to call home series who are still up for adoption.

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