Foster kid gets first surprise party at 17

People from all over pitched in to give a 17-year-old foster child his first surprise party on Feb. 27.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — With help from people near and far, the organization threw a surprise birthday party for Decayreon, aka "DK."

DK is one of many children in Arkansas looking for a forever family. And said if you come across his story, he’s waiting on you!

“Today is not his birthday, it was earlier this month. He asked us if we'd throw him a birthday party and of course we're glad to do that,” said Christie Erwin with Project Zero.

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She and others are working to build hope in waiting kids.

“When he walked in he was just in shock, he thought he was coming to eat a burger,” she added.

Decayreon is in foster care waiting to be adopted. He turned 17 this year but has never had a big birthday celebration.

“We put the information on Facebook and asked people to come today to be his family,” said Erwin.

Project Zero works to raise adoption awareness through foster care.

“He was smiling ear to ear at the counter and was like I didn't even know. He said he's never had a surprise birthday party before, he's going out with a big shebang,” Felicia Price said.

She's an Adoption Specialist with Department of Children and Family Services.

DK's best buds, supporters and even strangers showed up to shower him with hugs and lots of presents. All reminded him just how special he is.

“People have donated money online from Tennessee, Indiana, Georgia and other states to help him have a great birthday today,” said Erwin.

DK had no idea what he traveled to Little Rock for. Gift cards, clothes, cash and a brand-new guitar are just a few things he got for his birthday.

“Including the latest, I'm told, Air Jordan's that you can't buy online,” added Erwin.

According to Project Zero, there are 375 children in the state’s foster care system waiting to be adopted.

DK is still waiting for his forever family.

"Even if it's for the last year, they still need that family and life connection to help them,” said Price.

"I'll do good, go to school, no fights or any of that. We'll be a big happy family, that's all I’ve ever wanted,” DK said.

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He plans to go shopping with his birthday cash and cannot wait to learn to play guitar.

Interested in making him or another child a part of your family? Contact DHS or visit our Place to Call Home page for more info.