WATCH: Teacher helps wheelchair-bound student jump rope

He is only 8 years old but Jorgy has stolen the hearts of his teachers and classmates at a local elementary school.

FORT MILL, S.C. -- He is only 8 years old but Jorgy has stolen the hearts of his teachers and classmates at Harrisburg Elementary School.

Spend 10 minutes with him and it won't take long to realize he's comfortable being in front of a camera.

"I'm the king of the spotlight, no one will ever know," sang Jorgy from his wheelchair.

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He gets around Lauren Watts' P.E. class in his wheelchair, unable to do everything his counterparts can but always eager to try.

Recently, the class did a jump rope session which didn't seem possible for Jorgy to participate in until he brought it up to Ms. Watts.

"Jorgy looked at me and told me he was watching all the other kids and he said 'I really do want to jump rope like all the other kids' and as soon as I saw that face, and he was talking to me about it, I knew I just had to make it happen," Watts said. "There was no other way."

Which sparked this video:

Jorgy's dream became reality.

"It's like the greatest feeling. It's so special, you know?" said a stunned Jorgy.

"Up and down the hallway, multiple times, and he would yell at me to go faster and faster," said Watts.

"Yeah, I love going fast," Jorgy replied.

The video even earned him a new nickname: Jump-roping Jorgy.

It turns out jumping rope was just the jumping-off point to a more important message.

"I just thought people would be inspired," said Jorgy. "And it really did. It worked. It’s like a magic spell!"

He might get around on four wheels but at 8 years old, jump-roping Jorgy has figured out more than most.

"You can try anything if you try hard enough, I tried and I mastered it," Jorgy said.

All thanks to the help of his teacher.

"I’ve never met an 8-year-old who has such inspiring words to say, it couldn’t happen to a better kid. He’s the one who deserves the spotlight," Watts said.

Jorgy admits that he loves the attention and hopes his time on camera will result in a movie role. He definitely has the right personality!