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Do you know how to pick the right perennials? Chris H. Olsen tells us what he likes in his garden.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - There are so many different types of Sages out there.

Chris H. Olsen has the Pineapple Sage in his garden which is an herb and one is the Golden Sage because it has the light-colored foliage.

But when it blooms those Cardinal Red flowers against that light-colored foliage BOOM what a POW!

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There is also the Mexican Sage which he has in his garden. This is a SHOW STOPPER. Chris cannot tell you the countless times people have stopped to ask what this plant is.

It looks like Lavender but so much easier to grow than Lavender. Boom what a SHOW STOPPER. It looks like Lavender but if you know Lavender can be kind’ve hard to grow in the south but Sage this was only four-inch plants but now it’s a huge bush BEAUTIFUL COLOR!

Easy to grow full sun is what it prefers. Then we have the Golden Duranta which was just a small annual but it looks beautiful right now with variegated foliage.

What about Roses? You know Roses love the cooler nights so Chris has the Double Delight, the Tropicana so not only does he have color in the garden but he also has fragrance and that type of thing.

Such countless amounts of flowers. Yellow Rubeckia cut it back after it blooms in July and it will bloom again for you in the fall it’s a repeat bloomer.

Remember, pick the Perennials that not only look great in the Spring but also in the Autumn.