Recycle your fall gourds as Christmas decor | Today's Home

At the end of fall, gourds still look good and it's a waste to throw them away. Here's how to re-purpose them as Christmas decor.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - When it comes to the holiday season, Chris H. Olsen gets really excited. But, in all honesty, he gets a little bit depressed because he doesn't want fall to be over yet.

Olsen loves fall because of the pumpkins and gourds and other fun plants. At the end of fall, they still look good and it hurts him to throw them away. So he came up with this method to recycle them as Christmas decor.

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To keep the back porch as a focal point, place a mixture of pumpkins and gourds around it, add in some artificial greenery, then finish it off with some ornaments for shine. Olsen recommends using shiny gold, matte gold, and green - no red!

Then, create a woodsy look by adding in a few Christmas trees. They should be varying heights and in odd-numbered groups. Keeping plants - especially Christmas trees - in odd numbers makes the scenery look more natural.

In our own example, there is a seven and a half foot tree with pinecones on it, a five foot and a four foot tree which are all pre-lit.

Do not decorate them. It looks perfectly natural when they are left just the way they are. However, be sure to add in some antique watering cans and lanterns with candles!

Now the stage is set for a very beautiful but natural Christmas.