Spicing up your yard with big foliage | Today’s Home

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - You know the number one plant that people ask Chris H. Olsen about in his yard is the Mammoth Elephant Ear.

The one he currently has was one little quart plant that was eighteen inches high this past April. Plus, it’s Winter Hardy so he’s going to have it year after year. It’s beautiful! He loves plants that have huge textured leaves.

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Chris is really not sure why maybe he lived during the Pre-Historic Times but he thinks the bigger the better when it comes to Foliage. Don’t worry there are also other types of Elephant Ears that you can grow. He has the Black Magic with the Dark Foliage but it doesn’t get at all the size of the Mammoth.

He also has the Upright Elephant Ear which is Winter Hardy here too. What’s great about it is the Semi-Dwarf Variety it only gets about three to four-foot-tall but there is also Mammoth varieties of the upright Elephant Ears.

They look very Tropical but are winter hardy here in the South. But Chris also has some Tropical Plants added to his landscape as well with huge foliage like these Red Bananas.

They were only a one-gallon plant just seven months ago and look at the size of these Mega Guys.

The disadvantage is they are not winter hardy but they are inexpensive enough that you could plant them every year.

Now, remember in your garden add some plants that have big foliage you’ve got to contrast those plants that have a fine texture. Therefore, you have a more visual look at your yard plus you see them from the street.