The benefits of ornamental grasses | Today's Home

It isn't just about color in the garden its also about texture.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - You know we talked about Ornamental Grasses before, well what are the benefits to Ornamental Grass?

For the most part, they are easy to grow. Two, they can take hot full sun so if you have a condition and area like that they are the perfect plant. And what I really like about them is their texture.

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It isn't just about color in the garden its also about texture. They're soft. But what is great about this is not only do you get texture for months and months and months - spring, summer and fall - but also in the winter time.

I know they're a little brown but don't worry about that. That's the look and that's how they should be looking right now in the winter time. Don't get impatient and cut them back quite yet. When their seed heads start to flip flop and start to break and fall over, then you want to cut them. That's usually toward the end of February or the first of March.

Now, there are lot's of different types of ornamental grasses that you can have. I love the switch grass because it stays upright. It doesn't seem to flop over as much as other types of grasses.

I also have this variegated miscanthus grass which is beautiful. If you choose to plant it, be sure to give it plenty of space.

Now remember, ornamental grasses are easy to grow for the most part. They require consistent watering during the summer months and full sun, but let them look beautiful even when they're less colorful in the winter time.