Using switchgrass to benefit your landscape | Today’s Home

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - There are so many different varieties of grasses on the market so where do you start?

Chris H. Olsen’s number one favorites is called Switchgrass. Now there is the Blue Switchgrass which has a nice silver/blue color to its foliage.

What Chris loves about this is that it’s kind of a compact type of grass it grows straight up so it doesn’t grow all the way over and in your way great around pathways and tight areas.

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What Chris also loves about it is it reminds him of like the beach dunes where you have those natural grasses growing on those beach sand dunes.

That’s what he loves about the Switchgrass. Another one of his favorites is the Variegated Miscanthus Grass or Maiden Grass obviously because of its foliage and color.

Again, it has big plumbs but it grows a little bit bigger than the Switchgrass six-foot-tall and it gets wide so you have to remember to give it some space.

Then you have some other varieties of grass. For example, the Pampas Grass. Use the Dwarf Pampas Grass so instead of getting so huge and wide it only gets about 36 inches tall and maybe no more than 3 foot wide.

Easy to contain and easy to grow in tight areas. Most grasses like full sun but it’s okay if they get semi-shade when it comes to the fall time.

It will give you a great show.