Arkansas green-lights five medical marijuana grower licenses

Natural State Medicinals Cultivation, Bold Team, LLC, Natural State Wellness Enterprises, Natural State Wellness Enterprises, and Osage Creek Cultivation and Delta Medical Cannabis Company, Inc. are the recipients of the licenses.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — The Medical Marijuana Commission announced Tuesday, Feb. 27 who will be awarded a license to grow medical marijuana in Arkansas. Over the past few months, the commission has been scoring all 95 applications on a 500-point scale.

Five were selected.

While the Commission will award five cultivation licenses, the top six scoring applications were announced as one ownership group had two applications among the top five. Due to the fact, ownership is limited to one cultivation facility and one dispensary, this applicant will now choose which cultivation facility it will license.

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The Commission sent a letter through the mail to these companies, providing formal notification of intent to award a license. Upon receipt of the letter, the companies each have seven days to pay the $100,000 licensing fee while also posting a $500,000 performance bond. Failure to complete these steps within seven days will result in disqualification, with the intent to award going to the next-highest scoring application, which in this case would be the seventh-highest score.

The top six scoring companies are (ranked first to sixth):

  • Natural State Medicinals Cultivation (Jefferson County) under Joseph C. Courtright
  • Bold Team, LLC (Woodruff County) under Mark C. Drennan
  • Natural State Wellness Enterprises (Jefferson County) under Henry V. Wilkins
  • Natural State Wellness Enterprises (Jackson County) under Henry V. Wilkins
  • Osage Creek Cultivation (Carroll County) under Mary R. Trulove
  • Delta Medical Cannabis Company, Inc. (Jackson County) under Brian D. Falls

A full list of scores for each cultivation application may be found on the website for the Medical Marijuana Commission.

The commission will now begin scoring dispensary applications. A deadline has not yet been set.