Mobile market fills void left by City Market closing in Little Rock

Ever since the 12th Street neighborhood lost their grocery store, residents are desperate for a place to get fresh food. Fresh2You Mobile Market provided that Monday, Feb. 26.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — The 12th Street neighborhood and those who live in surrounding areas got a little pick me up today from the Fresh2You Mobile Market.

The food bus comes after City Market Food Store closed, leaving many in the area without fresh food. Residents are thankful but still have concerns for the future.

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"I was sad because I live just a block up from the store,” Eulila Sampson said.

The closing of City Market left many families in the area with no food and many unanswered questions, until today.

“We really need a store in this area,” Sampson said.

"Keith pulled in with the bus and set up. People were waiting in the parking lot before we even open the doors,” Executive Director Molly Humphries said.

The Fresh2You Mobile Market is a collaborative effort between the City of Little Rock, Vine and Village, Mosaic Church and the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance.

"I got a sweet potato, cucumber and an onion, too. And it was only $2.00 which is relatively cheap,” Tyler Lathan said.

The mobile market is a bus where the community can purchase fresh and affordable produce.

The group wasn't sure what to expect from opening day or how residents would respond to the effort but are pleased.

“By about 10 a.m. we were almost sold out of produce, so I ran to the store and purchased more for the area,” Humphries said.

Fresh2You arrived to a crowd who beat them to the parking lot. Most of the food sold out very quickly.

“We didn't fill the bus up completely, we probably got it about 75% capacity,” Humphries said.

Residents are still concerned about elderly neighbors who may have no transportation, many would walk to City Market.

"I have car so I didn't walk, my son would walk down there a lot of times,” Sampson said.

The mobile store plans to operate on a weekly basis, every Monday for now.

Next week they plan to double the amount of produce.

“A lot more cabbage, lettuce, greens, and grapefruit were requested, just a variety of fruits. Grapes, apples and bananas as well,” Humphries said.

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The mobile market sits in the parking lot located at Cedar and 13th Streets, right behind the 12th Street Substation, and operates from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.