Stuttgart homicide raises questions about police presence in neighborhood

A shooting in Stuttgart highlights the issue of low police presence in the neighborhood, residents said.

STUTTGART, Ark. (KTHV) — A homicide in Stuttgart is raising questions on safety in the northern part of town.

Arkansas State Police are investigating a deadly shooting that occurred Monday night. Reports state that around 7:30 p.m. a woman was driving a vehicle that entered the intersection of McKinley and Lowe Streets. Upon entering the intersection, an unknown number of men started shooting towards the vehicle.

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56-year-old Robert Brown of Pine Bluff was pronounced dead. Another Stuttgart man was transported to a hospital with critical injuries.

“It’s become a common occurrence here in Stuttgart,” resident Zelotis Wofford said. "It's like 'Oh there's another shooting!' And that's the end of it."

Residents say crime has been going on in the area for years.

"I don't come here after dark. I just come and do what I got to do and I leave. It's not a place I would want to live,” Wofford said.

Back in November, police found a Stuttgart man dead from multiple gunshot wounds on North Lowe Street; just a few blocks down from Monday night's homicide. LINK TO THIS ARTICLE IN THIS SENTENCE

"I think our police force and legal system is inadequate here,” Wofford said.

Wofford works in the area and said he rarely sees officers in the neighborhood.

"If you had a shooting here [Monday] and you have a bunch of trouble, wouldn't it make sense to have a police cruiser at least to park and monitor some things?" he said.

He also said he believes the area is neglected.

"If it were to happen out by the college or country club, then we would have bigger problems,” Wofford said.

Stephanie Johnson and Kimberly Gaither work in Stuttgart. They say this homicide raises questions on safety.

"Really it's sad because people losing lives. People that's doing the killings their parents losing someone. It's all senseless,” Johnson said.

THV11 reached out to the city for comment on the crime in the area and they forwarded us to Stuttgart Police. The police department then forwarded us to Arkansas State Police.

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We are still waiting to hear back from state police.

This is an ongoing investigation.