Forest Park Elementary | Craig's Reading Roadtrip

Craig proved how small the world really is when he showed up at Forest Heights Elementary.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — Thursday, Feb. 22 may very well be the date of the reading tour that will be the most unforgettable. It was almost downright eerie.

Today Craig O’Neill read “Wayside School is Falling Down," by Louis Sachar. It’s the imaginative, fun story of a school with 32 rooms and they’re all on top of one another.

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The fourth graders got a kick out of it. Craig had decided on that book after it was chosen by two fifth graders at another school. On the tour stop Tuesday, at Lawson Elementary, two fifth graders picked that book out as one of their favorites.

Two Schools ten miles and two days apart. The girls at Lawson had no idea, and neither did Craig, that the author of that book, picked at random, has a nephew attending Forest Park. His name is Bowman Stein, and he couldn't wait to tell his folks Craig had read his uncle’s book.

The tour goes everywhere but proves it’s a small world.