Hendrix College says peaceful protests will not affect acceptance of students

Hendrix announced on Twitter that it would not turn away applicants because of peaceful protests.

Hendrix College shared a photo on Twitter showing support for students who choose to peacefully protest. The school said protesting would not have a "negative impact" on a student's admission.

This comes after several school districts across the country told students they could potentially be suspended for protesting inaction of the government pertaining to gun legislation.

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"The Hendrix community values engaged citizenship and encourages our applicants and students to engage in civic discourse and fully exercise their political rights," the college tweeted.

Hendrix has joined over 100 colleges that have shared the same sentiment, including Harvard, Cornell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and many more.

USA Today reported that a Google document has been created to track all the responses from colleges and universities.

Some school district officials argue that the reason for disciplinary actions is to make sure there isn't any learning distractions for students.

"A school is a place to learn and grow educationally, emotionally and morally," said Curtis Rhodes, superintendent for Needville Independent School District in Texas. "A disruption of the school will not be tolerated."

Rhodes said he would suspend students for at least three days if they participated in protests.

Survivors of the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida have been active in hopes they can change gun laws. A total of 17 students and teachers were killed on February 14.

The non-violent activism of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High students has led others across America to join the #NeverAgain movement by organizing walk-outs and protests at their respective schools.