Morrilton resource officer upset by Parkland officer's inaction, advocates more training

Cop Car Karaoke, Officer Phil Blaylock's pet project, shows just how much the Morrilton school resource officer cares about the children he is sworn to protect. He is still reeling from the Parkland resource officer's inaction.

MORRILTON, Ark. (KTHV) — To protect and serve: that's what police officers are sworn to do. But Officer Phil Blaylock might have sworn to something else as well, to love.

If his trips down the hall high-fiving students aren't enough to convince you, maybe you could turn on his Cop Car Karaoke, a play on Carpool Karaoke. He's been on Ellen for his sing-alongs with students in his cruiser.

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Now, after it was revealed that a school resource officer in Parkland, Florida did not confront the shooter who killed 17 last week, communities want to know resource officers are committed to their jobs.

"They know when I'm serious, and they're in trouble. But they also know I joke around," Blaylock said.

This week, he's serious. The Parkland shooting was a gut-punch to him. Especially when he found out that the school resource officer never went in.

"The main thing, we all do training different, but we all have the same goal: You get your butt down there and you take out the killer," Blaylock said.

The latest shooting feels different. That's what school administrators, teachers, parents and students are saying. But school resource officers are on the front lines to guide us through it.

"It's happened. We can't change it," Blaylock said. "Let's move on forward. And let's train, train. And let's get some more SROs and train."

Blaylock said he is initially opposed to arming teachers. But he could be brought around if they are required to undergo the same training and extensive background checks that are required of school resource officers.