Brothers dream of forever family where they can stay together

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Right now there are 5,145 children in the foster care system in Arkansas.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Right now there are 5,145 children in the foster care system in Arkansas.

Among those 5,000 there are roughly 500 kids who are currently up for adoption.

THV11 has partnered with Department of Human Services to find these children permanent placement through our “A Place to Call Home” series.

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Kids like Joey and Andy, two brothers, whose bond is so unbreakable, life without each other, in their words, is “no fun.”

They are all each other has left. As such, they want a family who will adopt them both and keep them together.

"Joey and Andy are just absolutely precious," said Anissa Ballew, the boys’ adoption specialist.

Joey is turning 11, and he told THV11’s Dawn Scott the greatest gift came in the form of his younger brother Andy.

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"My younger brother, younger than him, can't see him anymore and my sister Hailey I can't see her anymore and I don't wanna lose him too," said Joey.

These words aren’t words that 11-year-old boys should have to speak.

Right now, these boys don't live together and that he saw him during this shoot to help them get adopted, well... he'll take it.

It's a ticket frenzy, both boys hit the jackpot, a hundred tickets each. The only thing better Joey said would be getting adopted.

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"Now that would be awesome, yeah.” Dawn asked, “together, right?” Joey added, “that would be even better!"

"The thought of not being with his brother is emotionally very traumatic for him and Andy's the typical younger brother, he looks to his older brother for guidance," said Ballew.

The brothers hope to stay together. At this point, they are not able to go home because no relatives were found who could take them.

"It's always the first goal we have is try to reunify and if that's not possible to maintain with a biological family,” said Ballew, “but unfortunately that's just not always possible."

Even after the tickets, the ice ball, and air hockey the talks always turn back to adoption, and how badly these brothers want it.

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Joey said, "on a scale of 1 to 10, about a 9."

For more information on Joey and Andy, along with every child we've featured in this segment click here. There are no costs associated with adopting a state foster child. Big thanks to Big Rock Fun Park as well for the birthday surprises!