Levee breeches near Humnoke, floods over 100 homes

FEMA and Red Cross were called in to offer people help, while they are flooded out of their homes.

HUMNOKE, Ark. (KTHV) – A small town in Lonoke County is devastated after a levee broke, causing over 100 homes to become flooded.

The state has declared the situation in Humnoke a disaster. Heavy rain last week caused the levee just east of town to breech.

"Total devastation. So sad. I just bawled. And bawled and bawled,” Wanda Grady said.

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Grady lives in Carlisle, just a few miles north of Humnoke. She was forced to move out of her home last week.

"To get home and see the water line at your door and you go inside and it's like everywhere. The dirt was coming up from underneath the tile,” she said.

Back in Humnoke, crews are working day and night to fix the levee by laying down gravel and pumping out water.

"It’s a small community so everybody knows everybody and they're trying to help,” Lonoke County Judge Doug Erwin said.

FEMA and Red Cross were also called in to offer people help, while they are flooded out of their homes.

"There's a gentleman that works for the city here for the water works. He's 85 years old and said he'd never seen water this deep, ever,” Erwin said.

Residents are unable to use their own bathrooms and showers, because there is nowhere to drain the water.

"We've set up portable toilets here in town because there's so much water they are unable to use their household facilities,” Erwin said.

Grady says she's trying to think positive, and she hopes to soon get her home back to normal.

"Thank you to all our first responders who are working so hard to help everyone. We appreciate them,” she said.

The Red Cross has set up a shelter at Macedonia Missionary Baptist in Humnoke. They are offering beds as well as food and water.