Maumelle homeowners frustrated over boil order alert process | 11 Listens

Homeowners in a Maumelle neighborhood are frustrated with the water company over their lack of communication for a boil order.

MAUMELLE, Ark. (KTHV) - Concerns in one Maumelle neighborhood after a water main break caused a boil order that some said they didn't even know about for several hours.

THV11 went to Central Arkansas Water with these concerns to find out what happened.

Last month, a contractor accidentally hit a PVC line in Maumelle that affected homeowners in the Quarter Neighborhood.

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“We went to go use one of the sinks in the house and there was no water coming out of the pipes,” said Tyler Whitlock. "A couple of friends sent us a Facebook message that said that our neighborhood was under a water boil which we received no information for the water company regarding us having to double check our water," he said.

Whitlock’s biggest issue with the water company was communication.

Another homeowner posted on our THV11 Facebook page that said, "Central Arkansas Water put up a sign that you wouldn't see unless you left the neighborhood and came back in. No texts. They said they don't have that ability. I think as a major utility they should be required to notify people in a way besides one little sign and a Facebook post."

THV11 went to talk to Central Arkansas Water about their notification process.

"We use Facebook and Twitter to link to those releases that we put on the website so people can go there and read about the event," said Doug Shackleford, Communications Director for Central Arkansas Water.

Shackleford said they also knock on doors or leave door hangers. But now the water utility is considering more options for the future.

“The tool that we looked at would do both of those services, email and text," said Shackleford.

But the cost for the added technology could affect water rates and that's also something they're taking into consideration.

“We want to weigh the balance between what's good for the customer, what's good for the utility and still be transparent and open," Shackleford added.

While effective communication is a top priority, THV11 was told there is no set timeline as to when any new services will be implemented.

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