Night Out teaches citizens how to better protect themselves

Sherwood police went over many ways that citizens can provide themselves with better security.

SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) - Sherwood police hosted their National Night Out Tuesday evening but it’s a little different than most police meet and greets.

Sgt. Keith Wilson said they want to keep their good track going.

“Our burglaries are way down our everything else is way down and we want to continue to focus on that and help keep crime down,” he said.

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So this year, they're focusing their night out on security. The department brought in a company called Ring that specializes in camera security for doorbells, flood lights and spotlight cameras around people's houses.

“You've got the doorbell and in the doorbell you've got the camera so you don't necessarily have to push the doorbell to be on camera. "

Sherwood resident, Angie Manek, said it's an investment she doesn't regret.

“A person walks up to your house it triggers motion and you get them on video whether they're touching your doorbell or not and it provides comfort and peace,” she said.

Home surveillance wasn’t the only security at the National Night Out.

Danny Dring, owner and master instructor of Living Defense Martial Arts said people need to know how to protect themselves.

“We have taekwondo, Brazilian jujitsu, and much more that we're going to be demonstrating these various Arts,” he said.

Danny Dring, owner and master instructor of Living Defense Martial Arts, said personal security can be intimidating.

“The best self-defense is not having to use self-defense and a lot of times criminals don't want to jump on someone they feel will be a challenge,” he said.

The event also covered pet security.

Robin Breaux, with Sherwood animal services, said pets are often forgot when it comes to emergency planning.

“Thinking back about all the natural disasters that are going on; the fires in CA, and the flooding and the hurricanes. Arkansas is prone to tornadoes, so we want to make sure people realize they need to include their pets in the family emergency plans,” she said.

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