Coyote spotted in North Little Rock has residents on alert

Reported coyote sightings have residents scared for the safety of their pets. We talked to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to get some advice on how to deal with the wild animals.

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — Coyotes are making their way into people’s yards in North Little Rock

Candace Barron lives in the Scenic Hill neighborhood, she said over the past six months she's seen a handful of coyotes lurking around her backyard.

“I could see them stalking neighborhood cats and I'd go out and scare them off,” she said. "I never see more than one or two at a time but one of them was huge and I was like wow that's a huge coyote."

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She said she fears for her dogs.

“I have three big dogs and I only let them out for a few minutes at a time and I still stand at the back door,” she said.

She also said she fears for her neighbor's pets.

“People that let their cats out and roam are making a big mistake and that goes for little dogs too,” Barron said.

Assistant Chief of Communications for Arkansas Game and Fish, Randy Zellers, said when people start building in new areas, the coyotes get pushed out and start exploring new spaces. He said there are some things you can do to keep coyotes away from your home and your pets.

“Honestly the best thing you can do if you see a coyote is to put away any kind of food that's outside, keep your pets inside unless you're with them, and usually the coyotes will go along their way,” he said.

When it comes to keeping yourself safe, Zellers said that's important to know too.

“One of the best things you can do is try to make yourself as big as possible, raise your arms and holler,” he said. "If a coyote sees something large it doesn’t want to mess with it, coyotes are scavengers that prey on small animals and dead animals."

If you have a fence that doesn't mean your animals are safe because coyotes can jump fences, Arkansas Game and Fish urges people to not leave their dogs alone outside if they've noticed coyotes in your area.