Arkansas Neuroscience Institute to expand to train future doctors

THV11's David Lippman tells us how the Arkansas Neurosciences Institute at CHI St. Vincent will soon have the space it needs to teach the best doctors of the future.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Many of the best surgeons from around the world come to Little Rock to train.

The Arkansas Neurosciences Institute at CHI St. Vincent has developed groundbreaking teaching methods.

"A month ago, we had a course where we have 40 participants, and it was so crowded!"

Dr. Emad Aboud found a way to use cadavers to simulate almost any kind of brain or spine surgery. His method is an incredible advancement for medicine, and allows surgeons to gain experience that, in the past, only came during operations on patients.

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"So, this model, and practicing on this model, will enhance patient safety by preparing good and more skilled surgeons and neurosurgeons,” said Dr. Aboud.

"Every case, every disease, for us, is a book. It's a lesson so we can learn for the next time."

Next year, the Arkansas Neuroscience Institute will have a bigger lab to teach all those lessons. It will move to CHI St. Vincent's Sherwood campus, where it will have twice as much space as today.

"It's very easy to achieve because money is the easiest part of it. I'm hoping to achieve it. The difficult part is the human resources, which I have,” said Dr. Ali Krisht, Director at Arkansas Neuroscience Institute.

Dr. Krisht said there hasn't been as much progress on brain cancers as there has been on other types of cancer. He believes the expanded clinic will allow doctors in Arkansas to push research forward.

"This is a vision that we had for the future of neurosurgery; not only for Arkansas but for the world of neurosurgery."

CHI St. Vincent will break ground on the new lab in the spring, with the goal of moving in by next fall.