VERIFY: Can you boost your immune system using at-home remedies?

With flu season in full swing, many are wondering if these common home remedies are any help.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV)- We're in the middle of flu season and many of us are willing to do anything to boost our immune system but can you really do that from home?

Dr. Harold Betton, said not exactly, but you can do things to help prevent you from getting sick.

“Number one is stress, if you're stressed a lot, the likelihood that your immune system will reduce itself and you're more likely to get sick. I recommend people to reduce their stress as much as they can,” he said.

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When it comes to a full eight hours of sleep, he said that's important too.

“Be sure you get the adequate amount of rest to keep your immune system as level as it can be,” he said.

Dr. Betton said when it comes to the flu, he's convinced keeping your fingers out of your nose will reduce your chances.

“The minute you take your finger and you put it in your nose, you've inoculated your nose and if the flu virus gets to the back of the nostril you're most likely going to get the flu,” he said.

We also talked with Pharmacist, Lyn Fruchey, at Frederica Pharmacy and Compounding. He said he's confident in Elderberry when it comes to the flu, if you're wanting an at home remedy.

“Elderberry extract has some good evidence to back up its use for Elderberry extract. It's no Tamiflu but remind you that we are talking about herbals or something over the counter, it's really probably the best choice,’ he said.

What about the theory of downing a bunch of Vitamin C when you are starting to get sick? He said there's no research to prove that.

“There was a lot of talk about Vitamin C in the 70's and 80's and there's no harm in taking it but I'm not confident in that,” he said.

So there's not one magical way to keep yourself from getting the flu but we can verify that you can boost your immune system with the right amounts of sleep, good hygiene and maybe a dash of elderberry.

However, you may have to look for it online because the pharmacist tells me there is a nationwide shortage of elderberry due to the number of flu cases.

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