Resource center has helped 68 homeless find affordable housing

Jericho Way is helping Little Rock's homeless find affordable housing.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — Jericho Way working to create an opportunity for Central Arkansas's homeless community with a housing program. It's made a difference in nearly 70 lives so far.

The resource center has a special project in development to further their efforts. It’s the second chance that keeps on giving.

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“Here lately what we've really been utilizing are the specific programs that the city has to offer,” Kyle Francis said.

Francis is a social worker at the center.

Jericho Way is helping many who were once a part of Little Rock's homeless community turns the page.

Since October 2015, they’ve provided people like James secure affordable living. A total of 68 people to be exact.

“In the shelters, you can have anywhere from 20 to 40 roommates,” James said.

In the past four months, 21 people have been placed back into the community.

“Those that may not be able to get in public housing or be housed through programs in the city with rental assistance, we could put in our own units,” Francis said.

Jericho Way plans to continue filling the gap by developing their own affordable housing units soon.

“I think this new housing thing is really going to help people. But a lot of it draws back to mental health issues and addictions,” James said.

Jericho Way and Settled Souls help to fully furnish each housing location.

"I didn't have anything but three outfits and a couple of book bags. They came in and did a great job,” James said.

He’s thankful to have a place to call his own after being homeless for nearly six years. He knows what it’s like to survive without anything but now feels like he's got the world in hands.

"I just have to pinch myself because this is really happening. And I couldn't be happier,” James said.

If you'd like to help Jericho Way move forward with their new housing units, contact center representatives Mandy Davis or Kyle Francis.