Sisters in separate foster homes hope for forever home together

Lenice and Denice have been in foster care for two years. They feel desperate, lost, vulnerable, and in need of a family that will let them be together.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - When you are part of a teenage sibling group in foster care, waiting to be adopted can sometimes feel pretty hopeless.

Finding someone willing and able to adopt teenagers isn't easy. In fact, sibling groups are among the toughest to place.

Nevertheless, through THV11's partnership with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, two sisters are staying positive and hopeful that they'll find their place to call home.

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Paul Mitchell's Imagine Partner School set aside their busy schedule and gave these girls a day together getting make-overs. When these two very special guests walked in, all attention turned to them.

There’s 13-year-old Denice.

"She's a handful at times," said 16-year-old Lenise, the older sister.

"She likes to tell jokes,” said Denice about Lenise.

They're sisters who share an exceptional bond.

"When I go to school, I think about her every day and I just miss her and want to see her face again and hear her voice and how she walks and everything," said Denice.

Right now, the girls don't see each other every day because they live in separate foster homes. Therefore, a day of pampering together means so much to them.

"They're fixing up my hair, talking to me and painting my nails," Denice explained.

"I'm getting my hair straightened because it hasn't been straightened in a while; it's always in a big afro,” Lenice said laughing.

Lenice’s light-hearted spirit shines through.

"I'm very outgoing, I love to be goofy all the time. I love to play pranks on people, it's so fun," she told us.

Her little sister has jokes, too.

"I know that she likes to take selfies a lot on her phone!" said Denice with a big smile.

These two deserve better. They deserve better than what life has given them so far. The sisters have been in foster care for two years now. They feel desperate, lost, vulnerable and in need.

"I want to be with her so I can have fun with her again, get to talk to her and have our laughs," said Denice. "I would like to have a loving family and I would like them to know I would like to have a family that cares about me and just likes to explore the world."

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"If me and my sister don't get adopted, it's okay because I know she's gonna go to someone good and I'm gonna go to someone good," Lenice added. "Ideal world would be for us to be together."

Until that day comes, Denice set a goal to become a veterinarian. Lenice dreams of being a nurse or a hairstylist.

Thanks to the Paul Mitchell Image Partner School for giving these two charming sisters an amazing new look. Now, they just need a family to go with it.

If you'd like more information about Denise and Lenice, or any child we've featured in this segment, click here.

Remember, there are no costs associated with adopting state foster children.