Six siblings want forever family that will keep them together

Four brothers and two sisters. That's right, a sibling group of six. All are praying and hoping a family will adopt them all so they can stay together.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A lot of the children in Arkansas foster care are part of sibling groups, and at times, it can be tough to keep them together. This is why the Department of Human Services puts out a call to action for help.

They need help from both foster and adoptive families who are willing to open their hearts and their homes. Six brothers and sisters are praying and hoping a family will adopt them all - together. This group has so much energy and love that it's hard to soak it all in.

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"My name is Scottie and I'm 8-years-old.” Scottie and his older brother K'Torri, 12, start off talking. “It was good for me because we don't get to see each other but once a week,” he said.

They literally finish each other's sentences. But it's not just these two, it is like that with all six siblings. Four brothers and two sisters that have an unbreakable bond.

"Their faces lit up. When the younger ones saw the older ones, they lit up, they ran to each other like they hadn't seen each other in months but they had seen each other about a week ago," said adoption specialist Jessica Warren. “They love each other their bond is very strong."

Warren is in charge of finding a home, a family who will take all six children.

“It would be very heartbreaking to separate these kids knowing they love each other this much and were just that excited to see each other," said Warren.

Even the oldest girl, 10-year-old Skylar said the day together is the best.

"It feels good, and it helps my day because I see them and I don't have to worry about what they do," she said. "I would say when we do get adopted I want all of us to be together."

There's just really nothing they want more this holiday, and not just the older children, the three younger children. There's 7-year-old Chase, 3-year-old Kaelen, and 1-year-old America. The little ones begged for their older sister and brothers.

"It's sad because usually during the holidays I get to hang out with them but now during these holidays I can't.”

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“What do you want more than anything?” asked Dawn Scott. “A family," said Skylar.

"They all don't live together, they're not all in one foster home, they are in three foster homes. They don't get to see each other on a daily basis and they don't get to talk to each other on a daily basis," said Warren. "Its six of them, it's a lot but not a barrier to being adopted together. I feel like there's a family out there that would love to have them all together."

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