McClellan using road games to their advantage in the playoffs

"We haven’t had a home game all year but that’s ok. The kids don’t care. We’re going to play football"

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Monday afternoon, it’s quiet at McClellan’s stadium.

No band playing or crowd cheering. Just a coaching staff getting ready for practic

“We haven’t had a home game all year but that’s ok. The kids don’t care. We’re going to play football” says head coach Maurice Moody. It’s been well documented McClellan’s field was not ready for play this season despite efforts by Little Rock School District.

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“It’s all about football, whether you have to play on the concrete or the street we have to play football.” The irony of it is, these Lions prefer it outside of the jungle. With the season on the line two weeks ago against Parkview they punched their ticket to the postseason.

Senior Tommy Crumpton is a big part of the Lions success. “1st thing I had to do was hug coach moody. We came together as a team and we said this isn’t going to be our last game. We’re fixing fight for this game. This isn’t going to be the last game for the seniors and we’re not going to end the season right here.”

The momentum carried over to an upset over Batesville in the opening round, now these road Lions hit the trail again. This time to Alma and they’re bringing Little Rock with them. “People that watch us practice and play on Friday nights. On Friday nights the stadium was packed when we played here, all the people travel with us to Alma and Batesville they want to see what we’re up to.”

What they’re up to is culture change. Not a school or a district in academic distress that only produces basketball players. But a football team Little Rock can be proud of.

“I’m here and I’m not going anywhere and I’m your daddy now so we just build that relationship. All of our coaches and solid relationship and we do it through love.”