Things that WON'T be in JT's halftime show

While many are speculating what and 'who' will be included in Justin Timberlake's halftime show, we are starting to get a picture as to what it will NOT include.

MINNEAPOLIS - Since the last second ticked off in the Eagle's decisive win over the Vikings in the NFC Championship game, people have been endlessly pontificating on whether it will be Philadelphia or New England that takes home the Super Bowl 52 trophy.

There has been nearly as much guessing about what (and who) will be included in the halftime performance of Justin Timberlake. Those questions likely won't be answered until JT hits the field, but we are learning what will NOT be part of the show.

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Timberlake's fascination and kinship with Prince had many guessing there would be a hologram of the purple one somewhere in the halftime extravaganza. But longtime collaborator Sheila E. says it's not happening.

Posting on Twitter, Ms. Escavedo wrote "Family, I spoke with Justin 2nite and shared heartfelt words of respect for Prince & the Purple fans... There is no hologram."

Others have speculated that Janet Jackson may appear to make things right after she and Timberlake's controversial wardrobe malfunction at the halftime show 14 years ago. Jackson says in a statement "to put to rest any speculation or rumors" as to whether she will be performing at the Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots in Minnesota on Sunday: "I will not."

She thanks her fans for their support and says she looks forward to seeing them very soon.

CBS unintentionally aired a shot of Jackson's breast that Super Bowl and was fined by the Federal Communications Commission. The fine later was overturned.

During Thursday's halftime show press conference, Timberlake also ruled out any chance of an NSYNC reunion. He did tease that they're planning to do things Sunday that they've "never quite done before" in a halftime show.

So what WILL be included in the show? Timberlake himself said at least a small bit of "Can't stop the feeling" will likely find its way into the performance, but the rest remains solidly under wraps.

Stay tuned.