Pulaski County residents concerned about flood preparedness after being forced from homes

Victims of residential flooding in Pulaski County want answers as to why they have been evacuated for a week. They suspect the neighborhood is not properly prepared for floods.

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) — Some in Pulaski County are searching for answers after severe flooding last week forced them out of their homes.

Residents in the Dick Jeter neighborhood off Valentine Road near North Little Rock say officials are not answering their cries for help. The area sits on a floodplain, but residents say the flooding has never been this bad.

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“We need some answers. We need some help. We have concerns about the drainage of the ditches,” Tony Swinton Foy said.

Many of the people who live in the neighborhood have lived there their whole lives. Residents call it a “tight-knit” community.

"They are suffering and it's not fair to people in this community because they love this community,” Barry Jefferson said.

Jefferson organized a meeting for all the residents to come out and express their concern. He said dozens have reached out to the county for answers.

"This is so concerning that they begging for help. We asking for our leaders to step up and come out and support us and help us when they need it,” Jefferson said.

The area floods all the time, but some say this time around was the worst. It forced dozens to go live somewhere else while flood waters still stand.

"I was out of the house from Thursday night and still out my house because it's still halfway covered with water,” Ruthie Gentry Ford.

Evelyn Johnson said the flooding did not start getting bad until a few years ago.

"Until 2011, we have never seen flood waters that would stand for days,” she said.

Residents say the water usually goes away within a few days, but this time around it is not going anywhere.

"I have seen it flood like this before, and the next two days all the water was gone. The draining system down here is our main problem,” Albert Gooden said.

One farmer says flooding is even a problem during severe droughts.

"It's not going anywhere because it wasn't going anywhere when it was dry. So I don't know where it's coming from but I'm sure the engineers and them know,” Frank Hood said.

Almost everyone in the community say poor drainage system is to blame. They say the pipes are blocked.

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"We can't stop it from raining, but we can do something about the draining system because it's never done this before,” Albert Gooden said.

THV11 reached out to Pulaski County Public Works, but it did not get back for comment Monday, March 5.