Worried about family in Houston, TV anchor reunites with them via Skype

New Sports Director Darren Haynes didn’t expect his first day at WUSA9 to go like this. While he’s in D.C., his fiancé is sheltering at a high school in Houston.

New Sports Director Darren Haynes didn’t expect his first day at WUSA9 to go like this. While he’s in D.C., his fiancé is sheltering at a high school in Houston. She safely escaped the rising floodwaters caused by Hurricane Harvey.

“First day of the job I’m very excited to be here, but I’ve been checking my phone and my heart has been beating at a rapid pace because I’m worried about my family in Houston that had to evacuate their home,” Darren told WUSA9’s Bruce Johnson during an interview for “Off Script.”

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His fiancé Teddy has been with her family in the suburb of Missouri City while her father recovers from a heart and kidney transplant. He’s been home from the hospital for just a week.

“It’s emotional; it’s a humbling experience,” Teddy said via Skype. “It’s scary to see your city like this. It’s as bad as it looks on TV.”

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As the flood waters rose Monday afternoon, dump trucks with firefighters inside came to their rescue.

“The firemen in Missouri City were the nicest I’ve ever encountered in my life. One held my dog,” she said while cradling her pet in her lap. “They helped my dad into the cabin to keep his medication dry.”

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“Being here and seeing them there go through this, you just wish you could be there to help out in some way,” Darren added while talking to Teddy on Skype. “Just looking at her right now, I see the tears in my fiancé’s eyes, and she knows that we’re supposed to be together right now. It’s tough for everybody.”

Teddy had a job interview in D.C., but her flight was canceled. She hasn’t been able to book a new flight yet, and there’s no guarantee the position will be held long enough for her to interview.

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On top of that, the couple is supposed to have an engagement party in Houston this coming Sunday.

“Right now, that’s the least of our concerns, what’s going on right now is the biggest thing,” Darren said.

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They’re just thankful everyone is safe.

“I have no words for the Missouri City Fire Department,” Teddy said, wiping away tears. “They have helped tremendously.”

From hundreds of miles away and through one of the most stressful moments in their lives, Darren and Teddy found reasons to smile.

“I love you, baby. You look beautiful even though everybody’s wet,” he said to her.

“I love you, too. Happy first day of work! You’re doing great. You look great,” Teddy told Darren with a smile.