Kilee Hall is a Digital Content Producer at THV11 in Little Rock. She specializes in all things digital.

Kilee is from Searcy, Arkansas and graduated from Riverview High School. She began her college career at Arkansas State University - Beebe, then transferred to the University of Central Arkansas to pursue a major in Public Relations and a minor in Spanish. She joined THV11 in March 2019.

She spent her senior year as a student ambassador at UCA, where she enjoyed recruiting and giving tours to prospective students. She has worked with several organizations, such as Children’s Advocacy Alliance, Community Service, Inc. and the Museum of Veterans & Military History, for service-learning through UCA. She also spent a semester with Conway Cradle Care as their Social Media & Outreach Intern.

During her senior year, Kilee made the decision to study abroad. She spent a month in Costa Rica as part of UCA’s Language-Immersion Program. She says it was her favorite memory from UCA. She also spent a year as president of the UCA World Languages Club.

Kilee is a pop culture enthusiast. She has been referred to as a “personal IMDb” on various occasions. If you have any questions about movies, music or Hollywood life in general, she probably has the answer. She gets especially nerdy when asked about Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. She also plans to marry Harry Styles or Leo DiCaprio one day. Ya know, whichever one falls in love with her first.

You can contact Kilee at You can also follow her on Twitter, but be prepared for nothing but life quotes and obsessive fangirl tweets.