Survivor: Game Changers premieres this Wednesday with the show's 500th episode and it's promising to be a season full of big moves and explosive tribal councils! Here's our predictions for the upcoming season.

Sandra, Cirie and Tony either go early or make the season finale

All eyes are on these three players. Tony has perhaps the biggest target on his back much like Tina did in All Stars. His style of gameplay should worry anyone because he doesn't stop strategizing and has a strong social game to get people to like him.

Same can be said of Sandra and Cirie. Their social games are unrivaled. The trick for Cirie this time around is trying to avoid being the face of the big plays and become more of a quiet leader.

As for Sandra, just keep doing what you're doing until it stops working.

Sierra will be afraid to make moves while Ciera will be afraid to not make moves

Ciera is known for making big, flashy moves that change the course of the game. Sierra is known for contemplating big, flashy moves in confessionals and then balking at the last second.

We'll put Andrea in this boat as well, she plays hard and goes hard similar to Ciera. We don't expect any of the three to change this time around. If we're wrong, we'll vote out our mom!

Malcolm overplays, but manages to make the final episode

Malcolm's game has always been defined by making big moves even in spite of himself. He had a chance in Caramoan to further his game with multiple idols, but instead he chose to cement his Three Amigo alliance and ended up getting voted out when an idol would've surely saved the day.

We think he'll make the same mistakes again, but somehow will make his way to the final episode. Let's just hope the final challenge isn't balancing something though!

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Caleb has no chance to win and could be the goat of the season

If one thing has been made clear in the press before the season has started, it's that Caleb stands no chance at winning this game.

He's saying Tony and Sandra weren't game changers. What?! Two people who have the won the game aren't game changers? Okay, Caleb. Good luck with that.

Tai and Jeff Varner's big personalities could be lost among the other personalities

Without a doubt, Tai Trang and Jeff Varner are two of the biggest personalities in this season. Each time either has played, they've captivated the audience with their unique approach to the game, but in the early press it feels like the two have been lost among the sea of personalities.

That's why we believe the two have a chance to play a more muted pre-merge game and maybe Jeff Varner can overcome playing too hard early and make it to the end!

There will be another "[expletive] you Brad Culpepper" moment

Brad Culpepper is divisive, there's no question about that. He was a powerful force in Blood vs. Water and he will continue that trend in Game Changers. That's why we predict another "[expletive] you Brad Culpepper" moment. It may not be as abrasive as that, but it'll be big and it'll be fun to watch.

Michaela and Zeke will be targeted early but survive the storm

Michaela and Zeke are coming into the season the same way Russell Hantz came into Heroes vs. Villains. They are unknown to the cast and they will instantly be perceived as dangerous.

We think Michaela can overcome this hurdle quicker than Zeke, but Zeke is personable and can weave into an alliance quickly. Michaela will have to stay more guarded this time around if she doesn't want to get #blindsided.

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

Ozzy is as Ozzy does

Ozzy Lusth will forever and always be Ozzy. He will crush challenges, he will beat a dolphin in a swimming race, he will lack a social game. To his credit, Ozzy improved his strategic game by using his strength to his advantage.

The key for Ozzy this season is getting lost in the meat shields. We would never suggest masking his abilities, but he should definitely use Culpepper to his advantage.

Aubry's game is the one to beat

While many audiences members believe Aubry's game was superior in Kaoh Rong, she still lost to Michelle because of stronger social ties. Aubry took a bit of time to get on her feet in that season, but now that she knows what to expect, you're going to see Aubry take her game to the next level.

She will be a threat from day one, but she has to be aware of that and slip into an alliance that protects her vulnerability. We don't expect her to stick with Caleb, but if she and Tai (and even Debbie) make it to the merge together, expect some Kaoh Rong collusion.

JT will redeem his Heroes vs. Villains mistake

In JT's second season he was lost without Fishbach, but he wasn't entirely lost. The main problem with his Heroes vs. Villains strategy was that he was constantly looking for his new Fishbach while also trying to prove he didn't need a replacement. His gamble with the letter to Russell is a big example of his strategy gone awry.

This season we think he'll find a loyal ally early, but players will be itching to sniff out who JT will ally with. He is dangerous whenever he finds his second-in-command. We secretly hope him and Cirie team up!

Lots of players will try to emulate a winner's strategy

This season features three winners; JT, Tony, and Sandra. All three of them have played categorically different games, only Sandra was able to play the same game twice and win. That's why we think many of the other players on this season will try to emulate their style of play.

Some players like Hali have the ability to mold their gameplay into something similar because Hali's strategy was thwarted in World's Apart by a poor alliance.

Survivor: Game Changers premieres right here on THV11 on Wednesday, March 8 at 7:00 p.m. Central time.